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WTP dipping & washing device 200 x 120 cm

WTP dipping and washing device 2in1
Working area 200 x 120 cm.
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An innovative device for water transfer printing by
It’s a combination of a dipping tank and a washing device.
What do you get from the combination of a dipping tank and a washing device?
- considerable energy savings
- considerable water savings
- minimization of space occupied by various equipment
- by using a single water circulation an object is cleaned at the optimum temperature (too low or too high temperature during cleaning process may damage newly laid hydrographic coat), and you save money since a separate purchase of a dipping container and a washing device is a double expense

The device uses a common water circulation. A contamination basket and a removable filter pump take care about the water’s purity.
An additional filtering tankequipped with a drain valve allows for quick cleaning of this part of the tank without the necessity of exchanging the fluid in the entire device.
A control panel equipped with indicators gives a clear view on the enabled functions.
A thermostat with a built-in micro-computer integrated with a digital thermometer watches over optimal water temperature.
A valve system efficiently directs the fluid onto the water level filter or into a cleaning gun which is equipped with several options of water spraying.

The device is made of high quality stainless steelAISI 304/304L and is equipped with:
a heater, controlled by a fully automatic electronic thermostat,
a water level filter, powered by a 3 stage pump
a replaceable filter which protects the water pump from contamination (extra filter included)
a basket which stops contamination (it can be quickly disassembled for cleaning),
digital thermometer,
console control (a panel with full height and angle adjustment),
adjustable compartments,
a valve system which supplies the water level filter or cleaning device
a shower
4 wheels with a brake,
leveling feet,

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Všetky hydrografické vane, ktoré sa nachádzajú v tejto kategórií, sú vyrábané na mieru. Uvedené rozmery sú odporúčané rozmery výrobcu. Z uvedeného dôvodu spotrebiteľ nemôže odstúpiť od zmluvy, ktorej predmetom je tento tovar ,,aplikačná a oplachová vaňa,,


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