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TORK paper towel

Tork Universal towel paper is double-ply paper towels designed for the demanding task that requires considerable resilience and ability to absorb. Roll length: 170 m, Disc diameter: 26.2 cm, Number of layers: 2, Dimensions snippet: 23.5 x 34 cm Sheets: 2 x 500
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Universal double-ply paper towels manufactured with modern technology TAD . It is designed for the demanding task that requires considerable strength and absorbency . It can be used in detergents . Available in white and blue - meeting the requirements of different users . Cloth is suitable for removing dirt and oily substances , for wiping and cleaning assembly parts , finished products , and glass surfaces . It is also used to maintain general cleanliness in the production halls . The product is tested Institute ISEGA .

    Rapid absorption - saving time , dry and clean hands reduce the risk of cross-contamination
High absorption capacity - reduces waste , reduces operating costs
Fixed dry and wet - increases productivity , reduces consumption wipes
Added volume and softness - better hand protection , easy grip improves efficiency
Flexibility - better to get into hard to reach places cleaning ( corners ,

Roll length : 170 m

Wheel diameter : 26.2 cm

Number of layers : 2

Dimensions snippet : 23.5 x 34 cm

Sheets: 2 x 500


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